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Albion: How To Prevent Enemies From Killing You

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Albion Online, a great deal of gamers are super excited for this game, from originally announced to now, in general, Albion Online will bring a PvE as well as PvP medieval fantasy world with a player-driven economy. All equipment items are player-crafted, along with a unique classless system and much more. 

The release date was confirmed, gamers are seemingly waiting this moment, in this summer, Albion Online is set for launched on July 17th, but, keep in mind that the mobile release will come later. More release details and its patch update, you can head on over to:

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Albion Changes & Patch: How To Fixes Some Major Issues

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Albion latest patch revealed, Galahad Patch #5 / Version 1.0.319 / REV 82981, official website has been listed those patches, more contents and patch update, stay tuned: Let's take a look at details about Galahad Patch #5 / Version 1.0.319 / REV 82981.


Zerg Display in Outlands Test.

This is part of a bigger effort to improve the role/gameplay of the Outlands.

As part of a testing phase we're enabling the display of groups larger than 10 player on the cluster & minimap in the Outlands, similar to the red zone.

We'll be keeping this feature enabled for at least two weeks and will then analyze the collected data about Outland PvP in that time period to make a decision regarding the future of the feature.

We're doing this because we think enabling this feature encourages a more tactical gameplay in the Outlands and allows smaller groups of players to become active in the outlands.

Guild Rank Permission Changes

An "Officer" can now promote/demote players up to "Guardsman" rank.

The "Right Hand" can now manage alliance features in addition to the guild leader.

A "Warmaster" can no longer give up territories, destroy buildings or take control of buildings. Main distinction from the "Officer" role is being able to declare GVG attacks and kick players from the guild.

A "Master of Coin" can no longer give up territories, destroy buildings or take control of buildings. Main distinction from the "Officer" role is being able to manage guild tax and guild account as well as the ability to kick players from guild.

Other Changes

Reduced time to teleport out of a dungeon from 60 to 30 seconds (teleporting out of a dungeon is less safe than logging out but had the same time investment).

Reputation Info Screen is now in the new UI look and includes the information what zones can be accessed


Fixed a minimap issue in "Wild Shaft".

Fixed beams not getting properly removed when going invisible.

Fixed inspection window not updating when inspection target without closing the window before.

Fixed an issue where resources in the building upgrade UI were not always displayed correctly.

Fixed an issue where your client could get stuck in loading screen after leaving an expedition.

Removed "Resource depleted!" message appearing after successfully harvesting a resource.

Fixed an issue which closed the loot UI instantly when multiple groups where involved in killing a mob.

Fixed an issue which disabled hotkey use and chatting after sending a party or guild invitation.

Fixed an issue which allowed players to repeatedly receive spawn immunity near city entrances in the Outlands.

Fixed an issue which gave the party who made the kill the mob fame instead of the party whol dealt the most damage.

Fixed a bug where a duel partner could be damaged or even killed by an attack that coincided with the end of the duel.

Fixed "Slit Throat" ability displaying the wrong damage values in tooltip (the actual damage dealt was correct).

Gamers have been keeping a close eye on the update of Albion Online patch, aboved mentioned changes as well as fixes, if you have other questions about Albion Online, no matter what you put forth questions, you can contact with us at any time. Do you plan on buying albion online gold?

Albion Online Allow Players To Design Their Own Style

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The development of Albion was closely watched, eventually, for the ambitious sandbox gameplay, and it's release date has been confirmed and is closer and closer approaching. July 17th, and I bet that you can't control your excitement. In accordance to previous statements by the developers, it's pleasing to that after a long beta period, the game development is coming to an end. Now that you can prepare to buy cheap albion oline gold at u4gm.

From the game was originally announced to now, and it undergone a series of changes, on the whole, a PvE and PvP medieval fantasy world is coming, and along with a player-driven economy. It's worth mentioning that all equipment items are player-crafted, and which is a unique classless system.

The game allow gamers to design their own style of play, and different types of weapons and armor can be combined to create unique fighting styles. It's means that there are no restrictions. For instance, mages can wear heavy armor or two-handed warriors can use light armor or even mix and match. Some gamers are keeping a closer eye on official website:

In the game, and abilities have also been reworked, what's more, each weapon as well as piece of armor will have a unque characteristic. The development team deem that changes to the Albion Online combat system has vastly improved the gameplay experience as well as will allow players to fill any niche role that they want. 

Albion Armory: Arbalist's Creation And Equipments

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In Albion Armory of this week, we can clearly see a build, and it's aim to pierce the morale and the hearts of its enemies. Actually, Albion Online has a countless amount of possible builds, and which some are designed for a more general playstyle, others are created with a specific goal in mind. Let's together figure out what is Tim’s Arbalist. Do you want to buy cheap albion online gold?

Build Overview - Summary

A kit of abilities was offered by the Arbalist, and you can be allowed to quickly burst down a key target, and pressure your opponent's backline. As long as your enemies know about your burst damage, and you can draw out their defensive abilities easily. But, the build exist also some cons, such as it's lack of mobility and chasing potential.

Passive: Furious

The Light Crossbow has a high burst potential in general, arguably, it's a great weapon. Nonetheless, and if you try out use the skills, and you requires a lot of training and general awareness of the battlefield, you need to know exactly: when to use your Auto Fire? if you are eager to use this build efficiently, since it can help you to stationary and vulnerable.  

Arbalist's Creation

According to the explanation of Tim, he elaborated, why he decided to create this build? the key reason is to fight back her enemies in a GvG match. It's a known fact now that they can suffer various damage, anyway, durable and powerful. The build make use of a deadly burst combo that can be mixed in with good sustained damage. At the same time, accordingly to your current situation, it can add enough utility to be able to react. Defending your backline, and everything can be build in here.

Finally, regarding your exploding shot, even if the initial damage isn't that high, nevertheless, the delayed damage of the bomb you apply with it can easily catch a healer off guard. if you choose a the best time, you can snipe down your target before the healer of enemies is able to react. More latest official news, guides, tips and more, you can visit here:.

Albion Online Will Run On Mac, Linux, Windows

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Speaking of Albion Online, firstly, it's finally aim not really trying to reinvent anything, in addition, it's one of the first truly cross platform MMORPG's. And Albion Online will run on Mac, Linux, Windows, and a series of tablet devices. Note, it doesn't require you to connect to a different server for each operating system.

In Albion, if you have enough albion online gold , you will able to buy already-crafted items. To be honest, I think the economy relies on players being lazy somewhat, nonetheless, it’s a case of not having the money to buy the items unless of course you want to utilize the game’s gold-buying system. U4GM is a professional albion gold supplier, and it's trusted by you. Why not to buy albion online gold right now?

Basically every faction has their own very specific reward that you can unlock by becoming aligned with them and working for them. The Keepers are usually very aggressive, so you can expect the Keeper gear to support a very, very aggressive play style. While the gear you get from the Undead is of course very dark and sinister.

In a nutshell, Albion is a fun game. There is no fast travel between towns, and the economy really depends on the players. Personally, which is the best thing ever, a real world with real consequences unlike most other MMORPG’s. You will live in a medieval world, it's bound to a unknown world. More news and update, you can head over to: